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Vampire Facial done at Allure Cosmetic of Beverly Hills

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  • Vampire Facial done at Allure Cosmetic of Beverly Hills

    I had this done in Los Angeles, at Allure Cosmetics in Beverly Hills. My experience at this place was decent you can may find free parking on Camden or Olympic. The office is located on the front right corner of the building you’ll see a gate so feel free to open it. As a first time customer I was instructed to fill out first timer/ health forms then a very nice lady applied numbing cream the ladies in that building are all of different ethnicities and very helpful. The lady who withdraws your blood and starts the micro process is the best as she made me feel comfortable and is very insightful and detailed about the procedure. I was poked with 3 1.5 mm needles and the areas under the eyes that were poked created a bit of discomfort, also in the forehead as these areas are sensitive. I also suggest that you call them directly first to check on specials instead of purchasing on Groupon since you will get a better deal directly with them I saved 100 dollars for a package of two procedure just by purchasing directly through them. I am very pleased with the results. The lady said I will most likely see results in two weeks but I saw and felt results immediately the next day. Also it is important that you apply hydraulic acid serum and sunblock after the procedure and keep out of the sun for awesome results.

    For those of you who don't know, what they do in a vampire facial is take your own blood, spin it to separate the plasma and then inject that plasma into your skin. It has rejuvenated my skin and made it look so fresh and wonderful. I am young (26) but I wanted to do this anyway. I am glad I did it.
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    I am glad I did this, now couple weeks out my face looks so fresh and beautiful.