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Straight Talk for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone

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  • Straight Talk for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone

    I have used Straight Talk for years now. They are essentially AT&T (use the AT&T carrier network), and allow you to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP plan). I use it with my iPhone 7 Plus
    Apple iPhone 7 plus MN4L2LL/A 256 Gb Jet Black unlocked - Review Festival
    on their unlimited plan, which is $45. per month unlimited talk text web (with data usage capped at 8Gb per month of 4G/LTE data - slows after you go over 8Gb).

    Also works with Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, etc.

    I buy a one year renewal card each year, for $495. Or may pay $45. per month for a monthly card.

    You must pay some tax on refill cards though, this started in January 2014. It's not the full amount of tax, but some. For example last time I bought one in California the tax rate on the $495. card was 5.90 % versus the usual 7.75% that it would have been in that particular city in California.

    Straight Talk works fine, for talk text and web. However, you do have to be careful not to go over whatever data plan you have bought or else you will be throttled to what they say is 2G but is in effect such slow data speeds that you might as well forget about using the phone for data until your renewal date. You may send a text to 611-611 to check usage anytime.

    Also, unless your iPhone is jailbroken, or your Samsung rooted, your personal hotspot (tethering) capability will not work with Straight Talk unless you pay extra. Otherwise you get everything.

    Complete anonymity too. Straight Talk doesn't care who you are, no credit check, nothing.