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  • Apple Watch 5

    I got her the AW5 in white ceramic (40mm), and me the AW5 in black titanium (44mm). If the 44mm had been available in space black ceramic would have gotten it, but I just don't want a white watch seems girlish.

    At home I wear mine with the new leather band, at the gym with an Nike sport band, when out with the space black stainless steel link.

    She wears hers with the orange Hermes band when out, the blue sport loop at gym.

    I just always get whatever is the highest end, and since Edition hadn't been available since AW3, hadn't bothered to upgrade until now.

    Space black titanium. Does anyone looking at your watch even know that it is titanium and not say, aluminum? I doubt it. Does it wear much differently from aluminum? Probably not appreciably. However, do you wear a higher end watch solely because of how it looks or also because of how it makes you feel?

    Over all my impressions of the Apple Watch are favorable. Good battery life, display remains on at all times, handles all of its activities quite well (still, a little lag sometimes in reading your heart rate, such as at the gym it doesn't always read it instantly, may be a delay of a few minutes as the sensors somehow detach from your wrist).