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  • TiVo Roamio Pro, TiVo Bolt, TiVo Bolt+

    Been a TiVo fan since 2000. The TiVo Roamio Pro takes cable cards and can handle HD (HDMI output to your TV). Lifetime subscription is the way to go, and pays for itself within a couple of years versus the monthly plan. Once you have a TiVo you save money on paying your cable company for a cable card (which is around a few dollars a month) versus a a cable box rental.

    The Roamio Pro connects to cable or antenna.

    There are newer iterations such as the Bolt, or Roamio OTA, which all pretty much do the same. All allow you to record multiple shows (six on the Roamio Pro) at the same time. The Bolt models handle 4K ultra high definition broadcasts.

    TiVo combines its biggest, fastest DVRs to make the Bolt+

    The biggest advantage to TiVo, or any digital DVR setup it - no commercials! You just fast forward flip through commercials, or, on newer programs, press skip and pass through them instantly.

    Versus paying your cable company for a monthly DVR rental, TiVo is the way to go. TiVo also gives you its own program guide which is just as intuitively good as any from your cable company, if not better.

    TiVo works with both cable and streaming content (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), and is able to search across all simultaneously.