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  • Avoid trovit cars all scams Trovit Cars Review

    Avoid Trovit Cars
    Search New and Used Cars for Sale - Trovit
    this place is full of scams where the "sellers" have pulled nice shiny images of classic and other valuable cars from past listings and are now trying to sell them to unsuspecting buyers.

    The scam typically works where the seller entices you with many great pictures and a believable story about how he inherited the car from a dead relative, currently lives or works overseas and will allow you to pay via some autobroker who will hold your funds "in escrow" and then ship you the car risk-free to examine and return if you don't like it. The seller offers to pay shipping both ways and claims that he is quite familiar with the auto broker and has used them before.

    At the end of the day if you are foolish enough to send these scammers even one dollar you will never see anything for your money.