image Review Festival launched
The first site of its kind, that offers across the board consumer reviews for goods and services.
image Why Review Festival?
While there are professional websites that purport to offer professional reviews, these are based on short term tests and don't always let you, the consumer, know what happens over time with product use. As well, it's very hard to find the consumer reviews you want all in one place — you often need to go to different websites or google to find what you what. Here at Review Festival is the opportunity to post and view all reviews, all the time.
image Goods and Services
Review Festival isn't limited to just tangible goods, but also services. You may decide to review and rate your bank, or a dry cleaner, or anything else. It's fun and helpful to review, and even more rewarding to find out about what you want to buy, before you buy it.
image Where to buy
Review Festival consumers also post about where they bought their goods, and how much it cost, and the best place to buy something. All of this combines to give you, the consumer, an edge to get the best deal possible.