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  • Cox cable TV Internet Telephone

    What I hate about Cox is that every year or so whatever special they offered you drops off and the price of your cable bill catapults. Then you have to call them and be on hold through at least two different sets of representatives, until they finally capitulate and get you to agree to a price that is still about 5% higher than the year before.

    Everything else is going down, so why is cable TV going up up up?

    Cox does provide good service though. I use their 150/10 Preferred plan, and it is consistently around 180 mbps download / 13 mbps upload speeds.

    Their telephone works and is static free. I need a landline because of the alarm system in the house.

    I currently pay about $186. per month for the internet, cable TV and enhanced Digital. No Starz/ HBO even but still $186. per month!